Urban Outsiders At Our Home

HGTV came out and redid our backyard in Los Angeles for their new show Urban Outsiders. This blog follows the entire journey and will be updated as the show airs. Entries are listed from recent to oldest-- just like with most blogs-- so if you want the whole story from the beginning, start in the archives.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

HGTV Day 6 - The Penultimate Chapter

Ever since I learned the word "penultimate" in forth grade I've wanted to use it in a sentence, but I never think of it until it's too late; you know, it's like I hit the "ultimate" whatever and then you can't really go back, now can you?

Fortunately, I was desperate for a title and this one came to me at 3am. A lot of writing stuff has been coming to me at the wee hours of the morning. I think it's the stress keeping me from sleeping. But that's all beside the point.

Nothing really happened on the house yesterday. Steve painted the back planter wall but the construction people didn't come out. The show's reveal is scheduled for tomorrow so all the major work should finish up today.

This meant that yesterday and today are being spent in my home office writing the final two episodes of Secret Obsessions. There will, of course, be rewrites but I'm almost done. I have one other episode as well, a flashback sort of deal, but I need to meet with the other adapters so I'm saving that up for Thursday/Friday when I can be back in the office and meet with them.

Finally gotten a chance to hit the gym again yesterday, and I can go again today so I've got to run. We'll have more photos come tomorrow.


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