Urban Outsiders At Our Home

HGTV came out and redid our backyard in Los Angeles for their new show Urban Outsiders. This blog follows the entire journey and will be updated as the show airs. Entries are listed from recent to oldest-- just like with most blogs-- so if you want the whole story from the beginning, start in the archives.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

HGTV's Urban Outsiders a.k.a. The City Gardener Day 1

God loves our house. The weather turned out to be 75-degrees, clear and sunny on our first day, which was crucial because it's when host Matt James interviews us for what we want in our backyard...
Here's Matt doing a wrap up of the first day's work.

Besides the interviews and initial ground breaking, we also dealt with every delivery in the history of mankind happening on our small street. To get an idea of the size, the city has posted "No Parking" signs on both sides of the dead-end road because you can only fit two car widths in most places. If an emergency vehicle needed to get through-- like a fire engine-- it would fill up the entire street and not be able to turn around to exit.

Here's a pic of me looking at only three of the trucks that arrived outside.
This is no joke: It started with our tiles arriving, then the trash recycling truck, then the trash vegitation truck, then more tiles, then the wood delivery, then Office Depot with my new file cabinet and office supplies, then UPS with our Madonna tickets, then the cement mixer and pump machine (or something like that) for our neighbors across the street who are building a patio that none of us knew about, then the stucco workers for our neighbors down the block who are redoing their backyard that none of us knew about, then the regular trash truck, and finally our contractor and his crew. But no drama. It all flowed very smoothly because, as I said, God loves this house.
Here's the crew filming Matt with his plans. We know some of those designs, not all, but we're super excited anyway.

Tomorrow we paint the walls. Friday it may rain and Saturday could have scattered showers, but since this house is blessed I don't think there will be any problems at all.


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