Urban Outsiders At Our Home

HGTV came out and redid our backyard in Los Angeles for their new show Urban Outsiders. This blog follows the entire journey and will be updated as the show airs. Entries are listed from recent to oldest-- just like with most blogs-- so if you want the whole story from the beginning, start in the archives.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Post HGTV: Random Urban Outsiders Notes

I did a search of myself on Google yesterday-- shut up, you know you all do it, too-- and decided to see if there was any new information on the HGTV show Urban Outsiders. These are the folks who redid our backyard, and I think I may even start a third little blog where I can collect all of those old entries.

Anyway, you can find the Mondo Rick-o blog if you do a Google search on HGTV and the show title. But then I also came across an article with this pic on it. Um, yeah, that's a pic Steve took that I posted on this blog. Crazy!

Two Four is the production company that shot Urban Outsiders for HGTV, and the crew knew about my blog so I have to assume that one of the producers decided to lift a pic for their press release. But it's still pretty crazy.

You can also find this message board on the HGTV website where they talk about the show a little bit. Here the show is listed as premiering July 12th at 9:30pm. No telling when our particular episode will run, but we did get a letter from the production saying that they would be contacting us soon with further information. Very excited.


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