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HGTV came out and redid our backyard in Los Angeles for their new show Urban Outsiders. This blog follows the entire journey and will be updated as the show airs. Entries are listed from recent to oldest-- just like with most blogs-- so if you want the whole story from the beginning, start in the archives.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Post HGTV: My Sister and HGTV

No, my family doesn't have a knack for getting on the HGTV network. In fact, up until last week I didn't even know my middle sister, Joanne, watched it. But she was very excited about Steve's and my taping for Urban Outsiders and then sent out an e-mail about her recent backyard project...
When you think day off, don't you have visions of reclining somewhere and doing nothing? HMMMM

Well, I got a fountain for the garden for my birthday. It did not come with labor - not even the gift giver (OK, especially not the gift giver - Brianne- her teenage daughter.) offered to install it.
So, that's how I spent my day off today. What did I learn -
1. The people on HGTV have all the cool tools that your average person doesn't have and isn't going to buy for one project.
2. The people on HGTV make things look much easier than they really are.
3. It's much easier to hire [someone to have] it done and be the idea man/woman.
4. The average two hour project takes only two hours if you don't have to make three trips to Lowes...
5. One project will lead to three more -
a. Once the fountain was in, I realized how much the garden needed to be weeded.
b. Once the fountain was in the area around it looked bland and needed river rocks (trip 1 to Lowes)
c. The area around the fountain is bigger than it appears (trip 2 to Lowes)
d. The rocks were nice, but needed some color (trip 3 to Lowes)
6. A 12" level will not tell you if two things 24" apart are level.
7. Once stepping stones are in place, they should be left there. I don't care if they sink into the ground and get covered by mud. Just leave them. You didn't need to step there anyway!
So, I started at about 9am and it is now 4:30. It is done. Attached are the pictures (the frogs were already part of the landscaping).


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